• Ferguson Ariva 103mini

    Ariva 103mini

    Elegant design

    Ferguson Ariva 103mini is one of the most beautifully designed receivers on the market, ideally suited to the living room or other interior.

    Compact size

    Because of the size, the receiver can remain completely invisible and hidden, for example behind the TV.

    Perfect picture and sound

    Five-step process of noise removing, filtering, sharpening, correcting and strengthening guarantees excellent picture and sound quality.

    Energy efficiency and mobility

    Ferguson Ariva 103mini is designet to be very energy-saving and as such, it allows one to use the receiver on - for example - camping.

  • Ferguson Ariva T70 (DVB-T2) - a true Media Center for your home!

    Ferguson Ariva T70

    Excellent, compact terrestrial receiver with a unique video and image quality and rich multimedia options. Media Center for your TV!

  • Ferguson FBOX 2 - New Sheriff in the Town!

    Meet FBOX 2

    The new version of the perfect media player - FBOX - is based primarily on a completely new design and components that make FBOX 2 approx. 50% faster than its predecessor. Ferguson FBOX 2 is a multimedia device based on Android 4.4, which will turn your TV to Smart TV without the need of spending much money for a new model of TV. Just plug the device in HDMI port, connect it to an Ethernet or Wi-Fi network and you are ready to go. You can stream media placed on the Internet or available on a local network. Or you can play them from disk or SD card attached directly to the device. No matter what you will attach, FBOX 2 will play almost everything.