• Ariva 153 Combo - One Device to Suit All Your TV Needs

    Ariva 153 Combo

    Ferguson Ariva 153 Combo is a feature-rich receiver for satellite, cable and terrestrial TV. This successor to the highly acclaimed and popular model Ariva 152 Combo is a completely redesignd and developed from the ground construction based on rich experience gained during the production and use of the model 152 Combo. It is a true next generation of Combo models, whose main features are:

  • Ferguson S8 - fast multimedia tablet with Windows 8.1 and keyboard included

    Ferguson S8

    Ferguson S8 is a high quality, 8-inch multimedia tablet designed for the most demanding users seeking a product, that offers extraordinary opportunities. The device is the first tablet in our offer controlled by the Microsoft® Windows™ 8.1 operating system, that also offers the full suite of Microsoft Office 365 (annual personal license).

    We put in your hands a fully functional operating system,
    until now known only from PC devices.

  • Ferguson Ariva 103mini

    Ariva 103mini

    Elegant design

    Ferguson Ariva 103mini is one of the most beautifully designed receivers on the market, ideally suited to the living room or other interior.

    Compact size

    Because of the size, the receiver can remain completely invisible and hidden, for example behind the TV.

    Perfect picture and sound

    Five-step process of noise removing, filtering, sharpening, correcting and strengthening guarantees excellent picture and sound quality.

    Energy efficiency and mobility

    Ferguson Ariva 103mini is designet to be very energy-saving and as such, it allows one to use the receiver on - for example - camping.