Ferguson Ariva 103

Ferguson Ariva 103   

Ariva 103 is the successor to the award-winning predecessor: Ariva 102E model. With Ariva 103 satellite receiver you will discover a whole new Full HD dimension. Recording and playback of programs in Full HD has never been so easy and convenient. This receiver provides picture of the highest quality and a cristal clear sound for all TV programs and Radio stations. Ariva 103 is provided - among others - with two high-speed USB ports for plugging both external storage media and wireless WiFi adapter. Recording / timeshift and playing music (mp3, ogg, flac), movies (mkv, avi, xvid) and view photos (jpeg, bmp) are just a few examples of the use of this versatile equipment. Card reader for pay TV al- lows access to encrypted channels. We recommend this receiver that is enriched with access to a variety of network applications.

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Ferguson Ariva 203

Ferguson Ariva 203

Ariva 203 will provide you with high quality TV picture and warm timbre of radio programs. This model arised as a sum of our experiences of the previous models. Smart card slot and CI modules have been placed in the back, to not disrupt the harmony of the front panel. The standard Ethernet interface and two high-speed USB 2.0 ports allow for recording of TV programs and simple and convenient access to the media. Just select a button on the remote control to use the Timeshift function - the simplest solution fot time-shifted TV! Ariva 203 is a unique receiver that without problems plays music (mp3, flac, ogg), movies (mkv, avi, xvid) and pictures (jpeg, bmw) at the same time offering Internet radio. CI (Common Interface) card reader allows an access to encrypted channels. Ariva 203 meets the stan- dards of energy efficiency and offers many additional services when connected to the Internet.

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Ferguson Ariva 150Combo

Ferguson Ariva 202E     

Equipped with two heads Ariva 150 Combo, is a comprehensive source of terrestrial and satellite digital TV. It is a versatile device, that offers you the highest image quality in High Definition. With the built-in USB port and Time Shift function, you can record your favorite programs onto the external memory, as well as play the music files, pictures and movies in HD. Furthermore, the card reader, located under the cover on the front panel, allows you to watch any payable television. Digital TV receiver Ferguson Ariva 150 Combo is a new version of the 120. The functionality properties, presented in the previous model have been extended, for example: WiFi adapters for the handling and use of the websites (YouTube, YouPorn, Dailimotion, RSS, Weather, Google maps) have been added. Ariva 150 equipped with a faster processor, also offers you a much more advanced support for subtitles, as well as encoding Xvid (divx) and the practical function of the Multiroom. The receiver, designed for the ultimate comfort of using, combines grate functional benefits with a low power consumption (in “standby” less than 1W).


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Ferguson Ariva 252Combo

Ferguson Ariva 202E     

Ferguson Ariva 252 Combo - multimedia in a nutshell with an access to both digital terrestrial and satellite television. The main feature of the decoder is a support of a new generation of the transmission standard - DVB-T2, which offers improved quality and larger range of programs. With the USB input, the decoder gives you the ability to play and record the content of watching channels on an external drive. Using the Ariva 252 Combo you may listen to your favorite music, view photos and watch movies in HD. A card reader and a slot for CAM open an access to any pay-TV, broadcasted in high definition. Furthermore, the receiver Ariva 252 provides you the support for WiFi adapters and possibility of using such websites as youtube, youporn, dailimotion, rss, weather, google maps. Among the many advantages of 252 Combo, what should also be mentioned is: a powerful processor, advanced support for subtitles, encoding Xvid (divx), very practical timeshift and multiroom. The receiver is also characterized by low power consumption (in stand-by under 0,5W). 

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Ferguson Ariva 102mini


Ariva 102mini is the smallest available on the market fully functional version of the HD receiver with a card reader for pay TV. This is a receiver that delivers perfect picture and perfect sound quality TV and radio in the new high definition television (HDTV). The perfect solution for anyone with a large TV on a smooth space. Ariva 102mini is so small that it can hide behind the television. With USB you can record / timeshift, play music (mp3, ogg, flac), videos (mkv, avi, xvid), and view pictures (jpeg, bmp). It is also extremely energy-efficient solution, while the power supply of 12V allows you to use it eg at the campsite or lorries.

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Ariva 52E


Ariva 52E is a next generation receiver. Users will appreciate the enhanced ability of any configuration settings from an intuitive screen menus and graphics in HD resolution. It is the cheapest offer for satellite TV channels in both high-resolution HD (including Full HD 1080p) and standard SD. In addition, we get a fully functional USB port with recording, timeshifting and support MP3, OGG, FLAC, MPEG, MKV, AVI, XVID, JPEG, BMP. A characteristic feature is the power efficiency and consumption in standby exceeding 1W!

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Ferguson Ariva TT HD PVR

The Ferguson ARIVA TT PVR is a twin tuner satellite receiver with a built-in hard disk, equipped with two CI sockets for access modules and a paid tv card reader. Using paid cards, you can simultaneously watch programmes from 3 digital platforms and all uncoded channels, transmitted both in Standard Definition and High Definition. Twin tuner of the receiver supports simultaneous recording of 2 channels to the hard disk, even when watching another channel.

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