Vibro Stereo

Ferguson Vibro Stereo


Ferguson Vibro Stereo speakers present a whole new dimension to the sound emission. Thanks to their vibrations, the music is not only heard but also tangible for the recipient. Placed on a flat surface, the speakers make the surface to resonate and to act as a subwoofer, highlighting the deep tones. Music propagates around the device, making the sound incoming to the listener in its crystal clear form independently of the position of the listener.

The timbre of the sound depends on the material on which the speakers are placed. The table below shows examples of the characteristics of the emitted sound in comparison with the surface made to resonate:
Wood: Rich middle and low tones
Metal: Strong bass
Cardboard: Effect of vinyl
Glass: Clean and transparent sound

Ferguson Vibro Stereo

Music streaming, playing in beutiful STEREO!

The speakers support wireless communication based on Bluetooth 4.1, which makes it fully compatible with all devices that support this protocol – among others – smartphones, tablets, laptops, etc. Vibro Stereo speakers have an AUX input port for playing from devices not compatible with Bluetooth technology – for that feature the speakers are supplied with proper cable.

Handsfree function

The device allows you to receive phone calls. The phone call can be performed by pressing a button marked with a telephone icon on the main speaker (master). Rejecting a call is done by and pressing and holding the same button.

Working time and battery

A fully charged Vibro Stereo speakers allow their use for six hours. The built-in Li-Ion battery is charged by the supplied USB cable. Full charche cycle lasts for about two hours.

Ferguson Vibro Stereo speakers – thanks to their sleek design and pocket size – are a worthy alternative to professional sound equipment, which becomes impossible to travel with because of its size. Stereo Bluetooth speakers are a definite novelty on the market and a cooperation between the two vibrating speakers provides unique experience for the listener.

Transform any surface into a speaker!
Handsfree function (built-in microphone)!
Supports Bluetooth 4.1 stereo!
Made of high quality aluminum
The Ambient Noise Compensation System
20 W RMS output power
3.5 mm AUX input
Li-Ion 3.7 V/1050 mAh battery, full charging time approx. 2 hours
Charging cable for both columns at the same time and 3,5 mm minijack cable included
Operating time up to 6 hours
Weight: 0,37 kg

Ferguson Vibro Stereo
Ferguson Vibro Stereo
Ferguson Vibro Stereo

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