Ferguson FBOX 4K – Usa il tuo 4K UHD TV!

fbox4k-news-imageAccess to media has changed dramatically in the past few years. The development of broadband services has allowed the emergence of Video On Demand (VOD), through which the user can see what he wants and when he wants to excellent image quality. The development of technology – especially mobile – allowed the emergence of smartphones and tablets, which have become the most personal electronic devices, real PCs (Personal Computers), in which resources a user can place photos, family movies, music and other important files to him.

It all forced us to design a device that will allow to stream to the television screen all the user wants: TV programs broadcasted in the highest resolutions, VOD services (eg. Netflix, HBO GO) in the best of their qualities, websites, his photos or movies, his music, files and actually everything what he wants. The possibilities of use of Ferguson FBOX 4K are countless, and with the ability to install applications from Google Play, their number grows even more.

Ferguson FBOX 4K is truly a multimedia receiver! This is a response to the multimedia needs of the day, not only today but also tomorrow.

Ferguson FBOX 4K is not just a media player. When you connect a keyboard and mouse (via USB or Bluetooth) you can surf the internet, play games, work on documents or use social networking sites without the need of a computer and monitor – simply connect the device to the TV!

Ferguson FBOX 4K is the center of home entertainment. With acclaimed and well-known application Kodi Media Center, you can easily catalog your collection of media to create one easy to navigate library. For lovers of movies in the highest quality, Kodi offers full support of 4K UHD video hardware decoding encoded with the latest codec H.265/HEVC. It’s simply the best equipment to watch movies that provides the highest quality experience.

Ferguson FBOX 4K is a family device. You can easily transfer photos, movies or music directly from your phone or tablet to the TV screen. The whole family can enjoy photos and videos from birthdays or other events without the need to transfer them to the device or placing them on the Internet.

Ferguson FBOX 4K is running a well-known and well-liked Android version 5. You have access to the full content of Google Play store applications and that means almost infinite possibilities. Games, utilities, VOD services, music services, information services, Internet… Everything at your fingertips and on the big screen of your TV!

For more information about the device can be found on a dedicated page Ferguson FBOX 4K.

Ferguson FBOX 4K will be available in a good consumer electronics stores at the end of April 2016.